Bioregensis Tools

If you're following my youtube channel or IG stories, this is the page you will find all the links:  


My Bioregenerative Skin Protocol Equipment List is as follows: 


My number one hack for Forhead Wrinkles, Nasolabial Folds, youthful skin rebuilding, and wrinkles:



Of course, You can't accomplish dramatic results unless you are drinking your body weight in ounces daily of fresh distilled water that has never touched plastic.  This is the distiller I use:




But you can also get good results from its little sister:



I also use this stuff on my face every time I wash it or get out of the shower:


And I always wash my face in this epic combo of Bentonite Clay and Hylaronic Acid... (Hylaronic Acid is a substance that the body makes on its own, but decreases over time as we age.  It is extremely hydrophilic, meaning it attracts water powerfully and can help your skin stay extra hydrated.






If you want to try my Exfoliate- Cell Salts - Coconut Oil- Sun Hack, heres what you'll need:





And heres a coconut oil thats made from Coconuts that grow completely wild, so their Phi Ratio is most pristine.




Hope this helps, and message me with all your results!  @kalina_lux